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About Us?

Over 35 news items are added to able-news every day. Your task: read the latest news and answer the survey: three questions. Our artificial intelligence and unique algorithms analyze all your answers, time on the site, behavior and in encrypted form we impersonally transmit to the largest media. Thanks to this system, only the most relevant and interesting news gets into the publication. You help news outlets rank high in search engines and social systems.

When will i get money? What are the conditions for the first payment?

To receive the first money, you must save $ 777 to your balance. Correctly enter the payment system on which you want to receive money and click payout. The money will arrive within a day.

I want to tell my friends about able-news. What do I get for this? Do I have to invite friends?

Our website is starting to recruit new promising employees on our online platform. You can invite your friends and earn extra money, for each friend you will receive $ 55.5, as well as 1% of all your friends' income! It is beneficial to invite friends, but not necessary!

What can I do to invite friends?

1. Copy your Link for friends
2. Place the link on your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok ...
3. Write an interesting post about our site
Expect big money!

How much can I earn at able-news?

By reading and polling the latest news, you can earn an average of $ 111 per day, $ 777 per week. If you invite friends, then even more. For one invited friend, you will receive $ 55 + 10% of his income, that is, in a week he will help you earn another $ 77. That is, your income per week will be more than $ 854.

Who can work on the site?

Absolutely anyone from any country can make money on the site!

I don't have a payment system presented on the site?

At the moment we work only with the payment systems indicated on the site!


Latest News Site


Switching to Bitcoin payments

For a long time there have been problems with receiving payments by our users on VISA, MasterCard and PayPal. Such payments were illegally blocked due to transfers to various countries.
Starting today, we are completely switching to the Bitcoin settlement system.
To receive payments, update your payment details!
The conversion from $ to Bitcoin will be made at the current exchange rate.


Great news today

News analysis and polling income increased to $ 3.7. Your weekly income will be $ 777.